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Wind Solar Light System

Our wind and solar hybrid street lights have two sources for charging their batteries. The solar panels work in conjunction with a windmill on the light pole to effectively charge the batteries no matter the conditions outside. These hybrid lighting systems offer more value and decreased risk of failure due to lack of sunlight.

  • Name: Solar Hybrid Street Lights
    Model: BRW-W1
    Designed Power: 30W-120W

  • Name: Solar Hybrid Street Lights
    Model: BRW-W2
    Designed Power: 30W-120W

Advantage of Wind Turbine Solar Hybrid Street Lights
A. Generating power day and night
B. Balance seasonal power output difference of wind and solar
C. Independent system, no city grid cable needed
D. Longer battery life
E. Easy installation, simple operation, applicable in majority of roads
F. Intelligent lighting control system, maintenance free

Major Applications
A. Highway
B. City roads
C. School campus roads
D. Sidewalks
E. Pathways
F. Farm lighting
G. Villa lighting
H. Landscape lighting - park, square etc.

Wind and Solar Hybrid Street Light Selection
BR Solar has several kinds of wind turbine solar hybrid lighting systems designed for various load capacities and installation conditions. Please send us your application requirements and we will provide you with a customized solution.

  • BRW-W1 Installation
  • BRW-H1 Installation
  • BRW-D1 Installation
  • BRW-D2 Installation
  • BRW-D3 Installation
  • BRW-B1 Installation
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