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BRLSL Series LED Street Light System

This is our single lamp LED street light design. These lighting systems are often found in public squares, plazas, parks and streets. The high quality LED chip is an excellent light source for large areas.

LED Street Lights-Single Lamp, Can Choose White and Yellow Two Color.

  • Name: LED Street Lights
    Model: BRLSL-S1
    Designed Lamp: 20W-250W

  • Name: LED Street Lights
    Model: BRLSL-S7
    Designed Power: 20W-250W

  • Name: LED Street Lights
    Model: BRLSL-S4
    Designed Lamp: 20W-250W

1. LED Street Light Technical parameters
1) Pole Height: 2.5M-15.0m
2) Applicable light source: 10W to 250W LED
3) Lighting hours: 8-10 Hrs/Day,11-12 Hrs/Day
4) Pole material: plastic coated, hot-dip galvanized steel pole

2. Light distribution
1) Advanced optical technology, LED rectangle forms a 4:1 rectangle flare.
2) High brightness imported chip, efficacy of 120LM/W;150LM/W
3) Eliminates the issues caused by common streetlights such as dazzling glare, visual fatigue and viewing interference, improving driving conditions.

Lighting effects and installation
  • Effect In The Day
  • Effect In The Night
  • BRLSL-S5 Installation
  • BRLSL-S8 Installation
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