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LED Flood Light System

Our chip-on-board (COB) LED flood lights feature photocell sensors that are the most cost effective solutions for security lighting on the exterior of your home or business. Replacing traditional halogen photocell lamps, the COB LED floodlights are vastly superior when it comes to lamp life and energy consumptions. Rated between 10 and 200 watts (60-1200 watt equivalent) these lamps are much preferable to traditional models.

Each floodlight has n IP65 rating guaranteeing resistance to rain, moisture and dust. They can withstand anything that nature can throw at them.

Advantages of LED Flood Lights
In general, experts note there are numerous advantages to using an LED Flood Light versus a traditional street lights
1. One of the key benefits often touted for LED lights in general is the lower energy consumption. For example, some LED lights use one-sixth the amount of energy as similar metal halide lights. Save 60%-80% energy.
2. Longer lifetime: Between 30000-50000 hours
3. Lower costs for maintenance and lack of potentially harmful lead and mercury. More environmentally friendly lighting option.
4. Higher Brightness
5. Photocell Function, Dusk-To-Dawn Sensor

More Advantages from BRIGHT Mark LED Flood Lights
1.) Lighting Range: rectangular shape, Ideal for road lighting

LED Flood Lighting
Better Lighting Effect

LED Flood Lights including
1.) Pole system;
2.) LED Chips;
3.) LED Driver;
4.) LED Lens
5.) LED Fixture;
6.) Connecting Cable; Fittings, etc
7.) Sensor

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