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LED Street Light System

    1. BRLSL Series LED Street Light System This is our single lamp LED street light design. These lighting systems are often found in public squares, plazas, parks and streets. The high quality LED chip is an excellent light source for large areas.
    1. Double Lamp LED Street Light System The double head LED street light features two LED lamps for a wider lighting area. These street lights are installed with an LED chip that can produce bright lights for outdoor areas and along roads.
    1. LED Street Lamp It is known that high powered LED street lamps are the most economic and environmentally friendly solution for roadway lighting. Our BR Solar marked LED street lights are all specially designed to provide efficient lighting solutions that are also highly effective all around.
    1. Solar Powered LED Street Light System If you are seeking solar lighting for your equipment but do not want to purchase an entirely new setup, have no fear. We have the equipment to add solar panels to your already existing light poles. We can turn any lighting rig into a solar powered LED street light. We can also add solar panels to power common high pressure sodium lamps.
    1. High Mast LED Light

      High mast LED lights are used for lighting systems that need to cover a very large area, billboards and large intersections.