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LED Light Bulbs

Our LED bulbs and LED tubes are highly efficient light sources that are intended for indoor lighting in shopping malls, hotels and restaurants.

Some Products for Choosing

  • Power: 5-40W
  • Power: 5-40W
  • Power: 3-11W
  • Power: 3-11W
  • Power: 5-24W
  • Power: 30-50W
  • Power: 3W
  • Power: 3-14W Philips Mark
  • Power: 3W-30W

LED Bulb With Cable + Battery Clamp

LED Bulbs Specification
Power Voltage Size Gross Weight Brightness Price
5-7W with 2M Cable 12 655*335*480mm/200PC 19.2KG 45-50LM USD1.6/PC
7-9W with 2M Cable 12 340*340*570mm/100PC 21.0KG 45-50LM USD1.8/PC
13W with 2M Cable 12 430*430*690mm/50PC 16.5KG 45-50LM USD3.8/PC

LED Bulbs Advantage
1. Energy-Saving, C.T.6500K
2. Lifespan: More than 30000 Hrs
3. High Brightness.
4. High Performance LED Chip