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About BRIGHT Solar Light System

A. Solar Street Lights are composed of:
1.) Pole body and pole system
2.) Solar panel and panel bracket
3.) Solar battery and battery box
4.) Intelligent controller
5.) LED lamp fixture or LPS lamp
6.) Connecting cable, base foundation bolts (j bolts), fittings

B. How Solar Street Lights Work
To give you a better sense of how our solar street lights work, here are the basic components:

Solar Panel
The solar panel has a photovoltaic cell inside, which converts solar energy into an electrical current. A solar panel's effectiveness depends on the size and quality of the solar cell along with the transparency of the protective cover.

There are 2 types of solar panel: mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline.

Solar Battery
The battery allows the electrical energy produced by the solar panel to be stored and used during the night. There are usually 2 types of batteries used for solar energy collection: gel cell deep cycle batteries and lead acid deep cycle batteries.

Solar Controller
A diode located between the cell and the battery ensures that electricity flows only one way: into the battery.

Lighting Fixture: LED
"Light-emitting diodes" are like miniature light bulbs that are installed in a line along an electrical circuit. These LEDs have a very long working life and do not generate wasted heat. They are brighter and much more efficient than traditional lighting systems as these LED fixtures feature 50% lower energy consumption compared to HPS fixtures.

Solar Controller
A controller will usually decide to switch on/off charging and lighting. Some special modern controllers are programmable so that the user can decide when to power up or power down the system.

Strong poles are necessary for all street lights, especially solar street lights as the solar components are mounted on top of the pole. All factors must be taken into account including wind resistance in order to protect the lighting system and the people around it.

Buyers Guide Reading
There are several factors that you should consider before picking out a solar lighting system.

1. Where will the LED street lights be installed?
Solar powered equipment should only be installed in an area where the panels can gather as much sunlight as possible during the day in order to hold a charge for use throughout the night.

2. How much will the lights be used?
Some home solar lighting systems only require a few hours of use at night but street light systems need to be on at all hours of darkness.

3. Pole Height.
Poles are usually produced in heights of 4-12m. Higher poles require higher power LED to properly light larger areas.

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