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After-Sale Service

BR Solar guarantees purchased products for a period of two years from the date of B/L.
Our solar lighting products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship.
We will repair or replace any solar products that is defective for a minimum of two (2) years after the date of B/L.

General Rule
In order to maintain our reputation as a top quality producer of solar lighting solutions, we take great care to manage our after-sales services. We will stop at nothing to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

1. 24 months warranty for all our products. The beginning date of warranty is from the date of B/L.

2. During the normal warranty period, any problems of quality caused by BR Solar, will be fixed free of charge.

3.Within the warranty period the following situations will be fixed at the cost of the customer:
A) Improper installation, operation, breakdown or damage (including surpasses working load) caused by the operator under incorrect working conditions.
B) Injury caused by demolition, repair and modification without our permission.
C) Injury caused by natural and man-made force majeure or other forces after the purchase.
D) The product label is destroyed or the production date is modified.

4. Out of warranty product repairs
A) We will charge for the replacement cost of accessories.
B) Any products over the warranty period, our staff will send the maintenance-related bills to customers by fax, confirmed by the client to determine to maintain or not. After confirmation, customers transfer cost of maintenance to our designated account, after the maintenance fee receipt, we will send the machine which has been repaired.
C) Products over the warranty, after confirmed by our technical department that damage is too severe or for other reasons, causing it be beyond repair, we will return the original. For the replacement of other models of similar products, the customer may make up the price difference to replace the equipment.

6. Product Maintenance days
A) BR Solar promises to respond to customer requests within 24 working-hours.
B) We offer technical support for installation.
C) For problems that require our technical staff to visit your site, we will establish a visit within 30 working days.

Return and Replacement Rules
1. Return: We do not accept returned goods except for the following circumstances:
A) Due to design flaws of product and confirmed by our technical staff.
B) During the warranty period, if the product has been maintained many times, but still shows the same problems and is unable to be resolved.

2.Replacement: We allow exchanging of products for the following reasons:
A) Quality issues
B) If the product you receive is not the one you ordered.

Maintenance Fee Rules
Regarding the product which is not in normal maintenance scope, we will carry on the charge according to the following:
Sequence number
Parts cost
Maintenance fee
Maintenance freight
Money in total

Regulation of the goods freight
1. Payment of normal service transport expense: To save costs, maintenance freight of goods are in the following manner:
A) Both sides will pay the transport expense respectively when sending the repaired goods.
B) Each party should confirm the mode of shipping and destination.
C) Our group returns the repaired goods by the same shipping option as the customer, except special circumstances.

In order to avoid difficulties and unnecessary after-sale service, BR Solar provide additional fittings for all of our orders.
Solar Controller: 3% more. LED Lamp: 1% more, Screws and Cable: 10% more
Solar Panel, Solar Battery: 0.5% more

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