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BRIGHT Solar Light System Benefits

1. Our manufacturing history began with producing light poles in 1997 and we added solar panels and solar batteries in 2007.

2. We entered the international market in 2007 where we learned much about solar markets and about the needs of our clients.

3. BR Solar marked LED street lights feature top quality components and a special quadric optical lens which casts the rays of every LED onto a rectangular area for maximum lighting effects. These lamps have incredible efficiency and are under warranty for 2 years with 3 and 5 year options available as well.

Water proof tested:

4. BR Solar marked solar panels are high efficiency solar energy collectors with crystalline silicon surfaces in an aluminum frame. The panels feature a tempered solar glass casing to prevent damage and are attached to a junction box via cable. They are under warranty for 5 years with a 20-25 expected lifespan.

5. BR Solar marked solar batteries use a gel type energy storage medium that will contain the acid within, even if the battery is damaged.

Other Advantages
A) Green Power
Special alloys are used for the battery plate, not including harmful materials like antimony and cadmium. The batteries uses a particular nanomaterial gel that will not spill in case the casing is damaged.

B) Low Internal Resistance
An imported low internal resistance clapboard and special craft greatly increase battery capacity and high efficiency discharge performance.

C) Low Self-discharging Rate
Less than 3% every month, lead-acid is less than 15% according to China Battery Standard.

D) Low Gassing Rate
Gassing rate of gelled batteries is only 5% of ordinary sealed batteries.

E) Long-life Design
These batteries have a lifespan greater 40 percent higher than ordinary batteries depending on how it used, maintained and charged. They can be counted on for 5-8 years under relatively normal usage.

F) Wider Temperature Range
-30℃to 55℃ safe working range.

6. OEM BR Solar marked solar controllers feature IP68 protection levels and can be used in extreme weather conditions.

7. BR Solar marked steel poles are manufactured using high quality Q235 hot-dipped galvanized steel with a plastic paint coat.

8. BR Solar marked solar fittings are specially designed cables and screws to safely hold your solar lighting products in place.

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